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Shanghai Shixi High School

Main Campus

No. 404 Yuyuan Road
Jing’an District, Shanghai, PRC 200040

The School

Total IB-DP Student Enrollment: 135
DP Foreign Faculty: 8
DP Student-Teacher Ratio: 4.5:1
Avg. DP Class Size: 22

Located in the central Jing’an District of Shanghai, Shixi High School is one of the first experimental and exemplary high schools designated by the Shanghai Education Commission. The school was founded in 1869 as a school for Western children living in Shanghai. In 1946, Mr. Zhao Chuanjia, who achieved his master’s degree in liberal arts in the USA, founded Shixi High School as it’s known today. He quoted Confucius’ words to create the school motto: “Study hard and work vigorously.”

Following the idea of “student-oriented education and school-based development,” Shixi High School maintains its goal of providing quality education with distinctive characteristics, and aspires to be first-class. In promoting the development of quality education, it keeps to the concept of building students’ moral character and refining their tastes and manners. As a renowned school with famous teachers and strong subjects, Shixi High School strives to provide students with whatever resources they need to broaden their view and increase their exposure to expertise, implementing the interactive process of curriculum, classroom and project, with a view to enhance students’ abilities to learn, to grow, and to create.

Although U-Learn Education Group has almost 10 years’ experience in managing IB World Schools in Shanghai, Shixi High School is entering its fourth year of running the IB DP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program). This is a competitive and exclusive IB program for selected students in grades 10-12.


The IB DP curriculum is comprised of six subject groups and the DP core, which includes theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, action, service (CAS), and the extended essay. Through the DP core, students reflect on the nature of knowledge, complete independent research and undertake a project that often involves community service. Throughout the DP, student work is assessed as direct evidence of achievement against the stated goals of the DP courses, as defined by the IB Organization. According to a 2013 research study, 72% of students taking the IB-DP in China attend one of the world’s top 500 universities.

Modern Facilities

Shixi High School boasts a beautiful and well-facilitated campus. Sports facilities include a gymnasium, multi-function sports ground, indoor swimming pool, table tennis rooms, as well as basketball and volleyball courts. Mind Plaza is an open and flexible learning space intended to stimulate different forms of teaching and learning, and thus encourages more interaction, communication and cooperation. Students and staff have access to a range of laboratories, including automatic control, energy, and robotics labs.

In Fall 2014, Shixi High School completed construction of its dedicated IB building. Over the following years, the IB DP program will be slowly grown to fill this capacity. Classrooms in the new IB building feature a blend of traditional and modern technology, with dedicated studios and workshops for a multitude of different subjects.


Shixi High School has been made a base for the training of school principals in the Yangtze Delta, and experimental base for life education in Shanghai and a base for the training of famous Physics teachers in the general education system. Shixi teachers have been recognized with multiple awards, such as the “Model Worker of Shanghai” and “Leading Talent of Jing’an District.”

In the IB DP department, we currently have nine foreign subject teachers representing three different countries, accompanied by another six native Chinese teachers. In the coming years, the program will be expanded to include more than twenty subject teachers.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Shixi stresses the training of students’ abilities and sees to it that the students’ interests and innovative spirit are brought into play. The school has set up more than 50 research classes, and over 30 active student societies are in practice on campus. Most societies, especially the OM Society, Robotics Society, school basketball team, school band and school chorus have repeatedly won city and national competitions. Teachers are constantly encouraged to be involved in these various clubs and activities, and new clubs based on student interests are started every year.

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