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Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy

Main Campus

400 Baihua Street,
Xuhui District, Shanghai, PRC 200233

The School

Total Student Enrollment: 400 (MYP), 500 (IB-DP)
Foreign Faculty: 11 (MYP), 25 (IB-DP)
Student-Teacher Ratio: 5:1
Avg. Class Size: 25

Established in August 1996, the Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy (formerly known as Shanghai World Foreign Language Middle School) is a private, coeducational, college preparatory day school located in the southwest part of Xuhui District in Shanghai. It is considered one of the most successful private schools in Shanghai since taken over by JuneYao Group in 2005. The home campus offers the national curriculum to over 1400 students from grade 6 to grade 9, and the International Division of the school, in operation since 2011, is home to over 400 junior middle school students in the IB (International Baccalaureate) Middle Years Program, and 500 high school students who take the IB Diploma. SWFLA provides a comfortable and engaging academic environment that encourages students to Participate and Practice, to Create and Cooperate (P&P, C&C learning model), and cultivates learners with “GCS” profile attributes: Grit and Gratitude, Curiosity, Critical thinking, Communication skills, and with the spirit for Service, Self-Discipline, and Study.

Curriculum & Mission

To support the SWFLA’s mission of holistic education, the DP department focuses on providing a rigorous college preparatory program that is academically challenging and holistic. We believe the IBO® education philosophy is the best option for our students to achieve our goal to cultivate Chinese students as global citizens. SWFLA DP department currently offers 16 different IB subject courses at higher and standard level. IB subjects are graded on a 1 to7 scale, with a passing grade of 4 and a top grade of 7. With years of experiences in the IB education, the school offers a comprehensive school-based curriculum to the students who choose to take 4 IB courses as IB course candidates. The school-based courses are electives that guarantee the students a holistic coverage of different subject areas in addition to their IB course selections. SWFLA is in collaboration with the Brandon Hall School (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) to offer our students the opportunity to achieve a dual diploma from both SWFLA and the Brandon Hall School.

For more information about the program, please go to http://brandonhall.org/academics/chinese-dual-diploma-programs/

School Departments

The DP department’s instruction language is English (except for Chinese subjects and Theory Of Knowledge). Students can be enrolled in the IB diploma curriculum, the Dual diploma curriculum, or the IB course curriculum. Students have the flexibility to switch between these curriculums (subject to curriculum requirement and department approval), but for every subject in which they have taken a final semester exam, their grades will be shown on their official transcripts. The DP department does not accept credits transferred from another school.

For IB Diploma Students: Students must be enrolled in six IB subjects according to the IBO® requirements, pass a course in the Theory of Knowledge, write an original 4,000-word research paper (the Extended Essay), and participate in co-curricular CAS activities (Creativity, Activity, and Service) totaling approximately 150 hours.

For IB Course Students: Students must be enrolled in four IB subjects, Chinese, English and Mathematics being mandatory, and one other elective IB subject, as well as their chosen school-based subjects. For IB subjects, grades will be shown using the official IB grading system; for school-based subjects, grades will be shown using letter grades.

For Dual Diploma Students: Both the IB diploma and the IB course students have the opportunity to participate in the dual diploma program. After meeting each respective requirement as outlined above, students will be awarded the dual diploma upon completion of all six subjects offered by the Brandon Hall School in Atlanta, Georgia.


The MYP department has 73 full time teachers including 11 overseas teachers. The DP department has 103 full time faculty members. Out of 25 oversea teachers, more than half are US nationals, with the remainder of the expatriate staff primarily from Canada and the UK. All faculty members are certified teachers, more than half hold advanced degrees, including 20 IB examiners, 2 university professors, and 1 senior IB examiner.

Extra-Curricular Activities

With over 70 extra-curricular activities ranging from sports, service, arts, life and academics, students have a vast choice of activities to enrich their campus lives, led by the Student Government. Our students have excelled in various national and international conferences and competitions, including Model United Nations conferences, Canadian and American Mathematics Competition (CMC & AMC), FTC China, Physics Bowl, Chem 13 News, China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest (CASTIC), National Olympiad for Linguistics in China, Google App Inventor Challenges, US Academic Decathlon, and nearly all debate challenges in the region.

To learn more about the WFLMS, visit their webpage at: http://www.wflms.cn