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Verde Valley—Shixi HS Joint IB-DP Program

Now entering its second year of operation, the VVS-SHS program was created for the purpose of offering Shanghai students the chance to study abroad and receive an American high school diploma at a very diverse and unique location in the US. Aligning two separate education institutions under a common goal (and using the IB curriculum), Verde Valley School and Shixi High School – with the help of U-Learn – work closely together to provide a first-class education experience to their program students.

Also referred to as the “2.5 + .5” Program, students in this joint degree program will spend one semester of their Junior year studying at Verde Valley School in Sedona, Arizona, USA. The remainder of their high school education will be spent at Shixi HS in Shanghai. Upon completion of the program, participating students will receive a dual diploma from both Shixi and Verde Valley.