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U-Learn is a diversified education management company established in cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, specializing in three core areas: international education programs at Chinese institutions, international exchange and US dual-diploma programs, and US college admissions counseling services. Our goal is to provide a premier, comprehensive global education service package to our clients, ultimately bridging the gap between high school, college, and career.


  1. Derek Olson

    College Consultant at U-Learn headquarter office in Shanghai

    I am currently in my first year as a College Consultant with the U-Learn family and could not be happier with my experience thus far.

    Throughout my entire transition from the U.S. to a completely foreign land, I have been consistently impressed by the professionalism and helpfulness of not just my immediate co- workers, but the entire U-Learn staff. From my first day onward, I have felt that my position has been both intellectually stimulating and truly meaningful. Seeing the look of pure satisfaction on a student’s face when he or she is admitted to his or her dream school induces a feeling of truly indescribable and previously untapped joy. Furthermore, the homogeneous conglomeration of foreign and Chinese staff provides a feeling of true immersion, yet simultaneous homeliness.

    My experience at U-Learn has turned a potentially overwhelming fiasco into an episode of my life that I will forever look back upon fondly and longingly.

  2. Ligel Lambert, MFA

    IB-DP Visual Art Teacher at Shanghai Shixi High School

    At ShiXi High School, I teach pre-IBDP Visual Art / IBDP Visual as well as an introduction to graphic design elective class where I teach pre-IBDP and local students how to use Photoshop.

    I like about teaching at Shanghai Shixi High School because of:

    ·The location of the Shixi High School is located in the heart of Jing’ An district near the Jing’An Temple, minutes away from many restaurants, banks, foreign shops and other amenities that foreigners will find to be very convenient.

    · The students are also very eager to learn from foreign teachers.

    · The campus at Shixi High School is very nice and always very clean.

    Shanghai is one of the top tier cities in China and therefore attracts looks of foreigners that wish to live overseas, experience a different culture, but also have the ability to be close to some comforts of home.There is a great deal of multi-lingual Chinese that speak English in Shanghai, so banking, ordering food, etcetera may be a bit easier than in other lower tier cities in China. Shanghai has a large number of foreign expatriates from different countries from around the world that work and live here.

  3. Clare Drennan

    DP English B teacher at WFLA from Ireland

    I joined WFLA in August 2016 and have enjoyed a very fulfilling teaching experience since then. Working as a DP English B teacher I have had the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues, creating engaging units and lesson plans. I have also been able to avail of opportunities for professional development, such as meetings, seminars and workshops.

    What I enjoy most about teaching at WFLA is the trust and professionalism which exists between teachers, students and administration. Teachers are given the autonomy to create lessons which suit the needs of their students, and are provided with adequate planning time to create such lessons.

    As well as this, there is a vibrant social scene within the school. Throughout the year opportunities are provided to mix with other staff members and this has been particularly useful in getting to know some of my Chinese colleagues.

    I am confident in recommending WFLA to other overseas teachers, as my experience here has been very positive. I have been given the opportunity to develop my skills in a professional and collaborative environment.

  4. Devin Jones

    Head of DP English B Department & Overseas Teacher Liaison at WFLA from USA

    My four years at WFLA has been my most rewarding teaching experience to date. The students’ passion for learning coupled with the supportive, professional staff has made it easy to genuinely look forward to each workday with eagerness and anticipation.

    The DP students are among the most driven, mature, and academically-minded I have ever met. They share a genuine interest for both improving their English skills and learning about the cultures of English-speaking cultures while at the same time teaching me a good deal about theirs. They are both open-minded and willing to share their thoughts. Teachers who choose WFLA will enjoy classrooms charged with intellectual energy and feel like they are making a difference in the lives of students who will go on to do great things.

    Teachers will also be free to develop their pedagogical skills at WFLA. The course loads are reasonable, allowing time for professional development, collaborative curriculum design, and elaborate feedback for students. The administration is supportive and motivating, further encouraging the development of great educators.

    Teach at WFLA if you want to work alongside great students, teachers, and administrators. I have been for four years and don’t see myself leaving any time soon.

  5. Robert Heon

    Academic English Teacher for grades 9-11 at WFLA from USA

    As a 1st year teacher working in the Academic English Department I could not be more happy with my position here at WFLA. Since the very first day I arrived here, I have been treated with such a joyous welcoming of respect and support from all the staff and administration, as well as a great deal of admiration from all of the incredible students. In all my years working as a Teacher in China, as well as the USA (where I was a certified Teacher in the State of Florida), it is rare to have all of a schools students buy into the academic philosophy of an institution and come to school every day ready to push the limits of knowledge and truly give an exceptional effort that undoubtedly creates results. One of the great features here at WFLA is the modern classrooms that all come equipped with state of the art technology which makes classroom not only a place of learning but an interactive center for students and teachers. From my colleagues to all of my amazing students it is the school community and atmosphere in combination with all the resources that really make me proud to be a Teacher here and member of this school. As a teacher who knows a great situation when I see one. I am confident that any teacher from any background or country would truly enjoy the opportunity and privilege to be part of this great institution.

  6. JoAnn Sanders

    DP English B teacher at WFLA from USA

    I have been teaching English and English as a Second and Foreign Language for the past 10 years in both California and Shanghai, China. For the past three years, I have worked and happily served as a DP English B teacher for grade 12 and PreDP English B grade 10 here at WFLA. Throughout my time at this school I have enjoyed working, teaching and growing with all of the staff and especially my students. As an English teacher, I am consistently amazed at the passion, dedication and breadth of my students in their abilities and potential not only in my own classes but in their other IB classes as well. These students genuinely uphold the principles of the IB curriculum which can also be due to the fact that the teachers and staff here at WFLA also uphold these same principles. As this is not my first teaching job abroad, I understand that teaching abroad can be filled with many surprises. I enjoy the fact that I can come to work at WFLA and have a comfortable working environment, teaching schedule and the biggest surprises come from students continued persistence and achievement at this prestigious school.

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